A & E Marketing | 2021 Marketing trends
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2021 Marketing trends

25 Jan 2021 Marketing trends

2021 Marketing trends

A look at the three biggest themes this year

In 2021 the most effective content to promote your small business will be authentic, local, and community-oriented. 

While there’s still a place for production-grade content, small businesses will generally benefit more from relatively small scale professional content that highlights the human side of their business. Promoting community-driven initiatives, collaborating with other local businesses, and sharing your business ethos are all simple ways that you can apply this to your own marketing strategy.

Here’s a look at the three biggest marketing trends for 2021:

  1. Ethos, authenticity, and trust

Sharing your brand ethos, being authentic, and building trust are all absolutely key for small businesses in 2021. Be honest and transparent, and focus on the service you provide and brand ethos rather than cost. Consumers are willing to pay more, but you’ve got to be able to highlight your values (and meet that standard!). 

In terms of content, use videos and images of yourself and your team. Live video content was particularly dominant in 2020 with consumers looking to replace personal engagement, so use this to go directly to your audience. 

  1. People, conversations, and connections

Take your customer-engagement further. Actively respond to followers on social media, provide insights and tidbits, and always offer a conversation. Human connections are more important than price, so look to establish human-to-human connections rather than business-to-consumer. Also consider how your business can be contacted – emails may seem uncomfortably formal and slow compared with a phone call. 

With marketing being a two-way street, businesses should do their best to engage with feedback, reviews and comments. Provide a human touch and use appropriate language and aesthetics. At the same time, recognise that your business is your own and you are entitled to present your point of view. Where consumer engagement is less than friendly or doesn’t accurately represent your business, be polite but clear in presenting your business ethos. 

  1. Community, working from home, and events

Events, particularly emphasising the community, provide a great opportunity. Social, community, sport, and business groups that had to employ virtual substitutes in 2020 will be keen to engage, celebrate, play, and network in-person. Venues and event services businesses (such as photographers, caterers, and musicians) should focus on this market.

It’s also important to consider how businesses will have to adapt to having staff more regularly work from home. Ensure that this doesn’t negatively impact your ability to provide the standard of service your consumers expect.

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