A & E Marketing | 2022: The year of communication
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2022: The year of communication

12 Apr 2022: The year of communication

2022…where do we start? After entering the third year of a pandemic, war starting in Ukraine and floods hitting both Queensland and New South Wales, it’s safe to say it has already been a big year. With so much going on, how can we expect to keep up with the day to day of normal life?

Well, that’s a very complicated question but we think we have an answer.

Communication is the first step and one of the most important in anything. Keeping a clear, transparent communication style lowers the chance of misinformation, confusion and overall uncertainty (which we’re all feeling at the moment, businesses and individuals alike).

So, we’ve landed on communication, now how can we use it? 

Communication can be achieved in many ways depending on your mode of comms. Are you more digital? Well, it’s time to take a look at your website, social channels and blogs! A cohesive message is something you want to aim to produce whether you use multiple digital platforms or just one. Aligning your messaging makes it easier for the viewer, reader, customer or even joe-bloggs on the street to understand who you are, what you do, your values and your style of communication.

For example, say you run a dog friendly specialty café. Your Instagram is packed with cute dogs and delicious coffee, your website shows a menu of all the specialty options, with a smattering of pups and all of this content has a handmade feel to it. Your communication style has a lot to do with the way you’re perceived – especially on socials. What does your style and comms abilities tell your followers and readers….? That’s easy! First, the basics – you’re a dog friendly specialty coffee shop. Second, the not-so-basic – you offer a casual, comfortable environment for them to enjoy their coffee in!

Now that may seem obvious BUT THAT’S THE POINT! Cohesive messaging is REALLY important to get your point across! Take some time after this and look at all your communication channels to make sure that they are putting across the message you want them to, one that really shows off your brand and who you are! 

So, I bet you’re asking how we got from speaking about the terrible start to the year to “go check your Instagram and make sure it makes sense”. We’ve noticed that alongside all of those traumatic events happening, there has been continued misinformation, incorrect accounts being told and just general confusion. Had the media behind press releases, blog posts and news reports had cohesive messaging, there would be a lot less confusion around what to do, how to help and who to reach out to.

Whether it’s a time of crisis or your online store selling homemade candles, clear cut, transparent communication is incredibly important and should be the focus of anyone trying to work with, help or contact others.