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25 Jan So WTF is SEO?

So WTF is SEO? Are you better off optimising your search engine results or boosting your social media content? Small businesses often look for ways to improve their social media reach, engagement, and sales translation. Two of the most common strategies for achieving this are search engine optimisation (SEO) and boosting your social media content. But which is better? It depends on your...

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25 Jan 2021 Marketing trends

2021 Marketing trends A look at the three biggest themes this year In 2021 the most effective content to promote your small business will be authentic, local, and community-oriented.  While there’s still a place for production-grade content, small businesses will generally benefit more from relatively small scale professional content that highlights the human side of their business. Promoting community-driven initiatives, collaborating with other...

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13 Oct How to improve your social media engagement

How to improve your social media engagement Eight steps for increasing user engagement One of the big concerns that we regularly hear from business owners is their social media engagement. Generally this involves not generating leads and sales from followers, or having a big gap between how many people follow your business versus actually engage with it. Because we know you’re busy, we’ve...

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12 Aug Five tips to improving your website

Five tips to improving your website How to fix some of the big mistakes For small businesses, a good website can go a long way to improving sales and customer engagement. Unfortunately, websites are often designed once and then left neglected. This can make updating a website a big challenge for small business owners. It’s hard to know where to start and...

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12 Aug Developing a SMART marketing strategy

Developing a SMART marketing strategy A simple framework to achieve business goals Developing a marketing strategy can be difficult. It’s hard to know what you could achieve and how to actually go about doing it. Using the SMART framework helps make the process a lot easier! The SMART framework is about developing goals that are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based. Here’s what...

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11 Aug Getting the most out of social media

Getting the most out of social media How a marketing team can help  Your social media presence is a hugely important part of your business - but sometimes small businesses need a hand making the most of it! To help out, we’ve put together four ways that a marketing team can support your business via social media. Brand ethos Your social media accounts represent...

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