A & E Marketing | Do Facebook ads work?
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Do Facebook ads work?

25 Oct Do Facebook ads work?

How businesses can advertise on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook prefers that users pay to promote content on their platforms. To encourage this Facebook has increased the effectiveness paid advertising while also limiting the effectiveness of organic growth. Here’s what that means for businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms have changed a lot in recent years, and organic growth is significantly lower than it has been in the past. New posts can be seen by a relatively small percentage of existing followers (sometimes less than 10%!) and organic content only slowly generates new followers passively. 

In contrast, paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram is disproportionately effective, highlighting a significant return on investment and encouraging continued advertising via the platforms. This is a great opportunity for businesses intending to advertise on Facebook or Instagram, and it’s also much more cost-effective than traditional forms of advertising.

The advertising model provided by Facebook is comprehensive and customisable. Facebook’s immense data collection and management algorithms are incredibly effective for linking interests and businesses, allowing you to reach your target audience, generate leads, and make sales.

For instance, you can easily control for standard demographics (such as age, location, and gender). More importantly, though, you can target specific interests and traits, allowing you to reach exactly who you’re looking for. This can include details such as hobbies (yoga, painting, or Harry Potter); life events (marriages, pregnancies, or graduations); future plans (travel, home buying, or a new job); and beliefs (political, religious, or social).

This means that whatever your business sells, if you know some relevant factors that determine your target audience you’ll be able to advertise directly to them. Plus, Facebook’s Ad Manager can make this even easier by optimising the process for you. 

Advertising via Facebook or Instagram is a great way for businesses and entrepreneurs to access their target audience, generate new leads, and make sales. It’s relatively simple to implement and cost-effective versus traditional forms of advertising.

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