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07 Nov #hashtags


Four big mistakes that are commonly made

Using hashtags is a great way for a business to grow, but there’s more to it than just #smallbusiness and #workinghard. Here’s four big mistakes that are commonly made.

1. Hashtags that too many people use

“Owning” your own hashtag is great. It’s an effective way of linking what you offer with who you are. But using hashtags that your potential customers aren’t going to search isn’t such a good strategy. Writing captions or comments as hashtags may seem catchy, but if it’s not reaching your audience it’s not generating potential customers.

2. Hashtags that too many people use

On the other hand, using hashtags that too many people use is equally ineffective. There’s over 200 million (yep, that’s 200,000,000) Instagram posts with #foodporn, and over 24 million posts using #smallbusiness. That’s a lot of competition! So even though there’s value in using popular hashtags, they can’t be all you’re using. Tailoring your hashtags is a great way to find your niche and hit your target audience.

3. Hashtags that aren’t relevant

Hashtags are a way of connecting with potential customers, so it’s important to reach out to the right people. Local bars that don’t sell coffee shouldn’t use #localcoffee, and local cafes that don’t sell beer shouldn’t use #localbeer. Always remember hashtags are a way of connecting to people who are interested in what you’ve got – not what you don’t have.

4. Hashtags that have a different meaning

This is something even A & E are guilty of. Turns out #A&E is a pretty popular for people in accident and emergency… Who knew?! So there’s a lesson for us all – always double check your hashtags! 

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