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So WTF is SEO?

25 Jan So WTF is SEO?

So WTF is SEO?

Are you better off optimising your search engine results or boosting your social media content?

Small businesses often look for ways to improve their social media reach, engagement, and sales translation. Two of the most common strategies for achieving this are search engine optimisation (SEO) and boosting your social media content. But which is better?

It depends on your business model. As a general rule of thumb SEO is more effective for specific services, while boosting social media content is more effective for introducing products.

So if you’re promoting a specialist product or service that consumers actively search for through search engines, SEO is a better option. This includes industries such as health, beauty, trades, and education. By utilising SEO small businesses are able to go directly to a relevant audience that is interested in the product or service being provided. Consider searches such as “physiotherapist”, “mechanic”, or “wedding photographer”. All of these indicate that the consumer is actively looking for a service, so a small business would benefit from improving their search engine results.

This is particularly effective when location is relevant. Search engines are able to automatically tailor for local services. Someone looking for a mechanic isn’t likely to look outside of their local suburbs. Equally, a physiotherapist that isn’t too far is definitely preferable. And while a wedding photographer could be hired from anywhere, generally people will opt for services in their own city. 

Boosting content on social media, on the other hand, is effective if you’re providing a product or service that consumers wouldn’t otherwise look for. The most prominent example of this is during the Christmas season, when novelty gift ideas saturate social media feeds. These are generally products consumers wouldn’t otherwise look for or necessarily know about.

Another aspect to consider when boosting social media content is whether the product goes to the consumer or vice-versa. If a small business sells gifts, apps, or any other product or service that consumers aren’t actively looking for or don’t already know about, then it is unlikely people are willing to invest time beyond browsing the website to learn more. So if you’re selling products that can be delivered, boosting posts can be an effective way of doing this. 

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