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12 Apr 2022: The year of communication

2022…where do we start? After entering the third year of a pandemic, war starting in Ukraine and floods hitting both Queensland and New South Wales, it’s safe to say it has already been a big year. With so much going on, how can we expect to keep up with the day to day of normal life? Well, that’s a very complicated...

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25 Oct Do Facebook ads work?

How businesses can advertise on Facebook and Instagram Facebook prefers that users pay to promote content on their platforms. To encourage this Facebook has increased the effectiveness paid advertising while also limiting the effectiveness of organic growth. Here’s what that means for businesses and entrepreneurs.  Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms have changed a lot in recent years, and organic growth is significantly lower...

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29 Nov Love like you can’t see it

Love like you can’t see it ❤️ 👍 Facebook and Instagram hide likes In July this year Instagram made a big change by implementing a new policy to hide the number of likes that a post has. Facebook, Instagram’s sister company, also made this change in September. Here at A & E we’re really excited to see such a positive change for mental...

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