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25 Jan So WTF is SEO?

So WTF is SEO? Are you better off optimising your search engine results or boosting your social media content? Small businesses often look for ways to improve their social media reach, engagement, and sales translation. Two of the most common strategies for achieving this are search engine optimisation (SEO) and boosting your social media content. But which is better? It depends on your...

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12 Aug Five tips to improving your website

Five tips to improving your website How to fix some of the big mistakes For small businesses, a good website can go a long way to improving sales and customer engagement. Unfortunately, websites are often designed once and then left neglected. This can make updating a website a big challenge for small business owners. It’s hard to know where to start and...

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11 Aug Getting the most out of social media

Getting the most out of social media How a marketing team can help  Your social media presence is a hugely important part of your business - but sometimes small businesses need a hand making the most of it! To help out, we’ve put together four ways that a marketing team can support your business via social media. Brand ethos Your social media accounts represent...

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13 Feb What’s the price of a story?

What’s the price of a story? Why it’s so important to invest in marketing Are you in the market for a new car? How about a little upgrade? Maybe something with a smoother engine, a comfortable and hi-tech interior, and a European design? Treat yourself, you deserve it! Unfortunately, that brand new Ferrari you’re thinking of is going to set you back over...

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29 Nov Love like you can’t see it

Love like you can’t see it ❤️ 👍 Facebook and Instagram hide likes In July this year Instagram made a big change by implementing a new policy to hide the number of likes that a post has. Facebook, Instagram’s sister company, also made this change in September. Here at A & E we’re really excited to see such a positive change for mental...

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07 Nov #hashtags

#hashtags Four big mistakes that are commonly made Using hashtags is a great way for a business to grow, but there’s more to it than just #smallbusiness and #workinghard. Here’s four big mistakes that are commonly made. 1. Hashtags that too many people use “Owning” your own hashtag is great. It’s an effective way of linking what you offer with who you are. But...

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