A & E Marketing | The three key takeaways we’ve learned from COVID-19
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The three key takeaways we’ve learned from COVID-19

06 Jul The three key takeaways we’ve learned from COVID-19

The three key takeaways we’ve learned from COVID-19

What a global pandemic taught small businesses

We’re absolutely super stoked to see Canberra’s small businesses getting back on their feet! It’s been a pretty rocky couple of months, but things are looking up and life is starting to look a bit more normal! 

Having taken a bit of time to reflect on that whole pandemic thing that we all had to get used to, we decided to put together some key takeaways from COVID-19 for small businesses:

  1. Always put people first!

Community matters, and people should always be the focus of your business. Having a sense of connection and community is what marketing is all about – but it should always be authentic. We loved seeing how small businesses and the Canberra community were able to support each other through a tough time. That’s what it means to put people first!

  1. Your team is super resilient and adaptable! 

Your team did a seriously awesome job through all of this and deserve a lot of love. Back in March there was a lot of uncertainty and anxiety about how the situation would develop, but through all of that your team was able to get on with the job and work together. With so much changing so quickly it was fantastic to see teams pulling together to help each other out!

  1. Go beyond the status update! 

Everyone appreciates it when you go beyond the status update. Check in with the community and explain what’s happening at your end. People appreciate the effort you make and want to hear your story. Seeing so many small businesses showing their appreciation for their customers and suppliers was genuinely terrific, and really shows how important it is to embody your business ethos! 

Interested in more insights? Not sure how to get started in the new financial year? Considering opportunities to grow your small business? We’d love to work with you! Send us an email today to find out more about how we can help your business grow! 🤸🏻‍♀️

At A & E we’re not your average marketing company. We’re a small and personable team of professionals that love to sit down over a coffee and work with you. We’ll listen to your ideas rather than just tell you what to do, and for each of our clients we create the look and feel that they want to express. No one knows your brand better than you do – and we can help you share it!